About Us



Welcome to Zeal. My name is Kadine Walker and I am the founder of this growing boutique. I believe headwraps are more than just a fashion statement or convenient hairstyle. For that reason, I have designed the wraps you see here to be a quick hairstyle fix AND a hair loss solution for women who are struggling with real life conditions such as alopecia, chemotherapy, arthritis etc. Zeal has served many women and they say the same thing. They want a product that looks great, is comfortable and simple to use.

I have spent a great deal of time crafting the right balance of products to fit our customers who are diverse and have different needs. And I believe I have been successful in my pursuit. 

My goal is to continue create beautiful accessories that will be easy to use, make women feel beautiful, and be a solution for those who struggle with hair loss and busy schedules. 

Shop with confidence knowing our products have been approved by thousands of women. 

Shop Zeal is currently based in Florida, US.